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Thought For Today


Praise the Lord; praise God our Saviour! For each day he carries us in his arms. — Psalm 68:19

I love this verse. It is tremendous and gives us such hope when we are in what seems like hopeless situations.

He carries us in His arms. No need to fear or to dread. He has got us and will not let us fall. That means when we are surrounded by trouble He is right there carrying us.

We need to praise Him for all that he does for us and so much of it goes on in our lives and we don’t even recognise that it is Him doing the protecting. He is the great protector.

Today we should be giving thanks to the Lord, knowing that what we are going through at the minute has not taken Him by surprise and He will carry us right through to the other side.

Shalom and remember He is carrying us today so there is no need to fear.

John Robinson


                                                            Please Pray for


  Arlene Robinson 

Please continue to keep Arlene uplifted in your prayers as she continues her chemo treatment.


Please also remember Arlenes husband John who writes our thought for today Messages.

John is confined to bed permanently due to a serious illness, and yet he can still write these beautiful Thoughts For Today.


Greville Neill who continues with his cancer treatment.


Pastor Graeme Adams continues to keep well and is back preaching the Lord's word

Praise the Lord all is going well after transplant. 

 Please pray that all will continue to go well

and the Lord will bring him through and soon be restored to full health and strength.

Please remember his family at this time and keep them uplifted in prayer.



Please pray for all the Familycareincancer groups 

as they continue to support and comfort all those going through cancer at this time

and their carers.

Remember all the families going through treatment, and all the medical staff for their dedication to caring.


As we celebrate our 20th year in this caring ministry,

please remember our founders Pastor Roy and June Kerr,

for improvement and complete recovery from their ongoing health issues.


If you would like a request for prayer

Please contact us by phone, email or our facebook page.

Links to all of these are on our website.


































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