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Thought for today 15th September 18.

As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Ephesians 4:1

Paul knew what it was like to have hardship. He was writing here from jail and it was not like the jails we have today. It would have been dark dismal, wet and probably rat infested.

Yet he lived his life in that prison as an example of the Lord and was always testifying to his captors of the goodness of the Lord. He lived his life glorifying God.


We are called to live a life worthy of the Lord. That means that whatever comes our way we still have to show the example of Jesus in all we do.


This is extremely hard and yet when we live a life that is surrendered and under the power of the Holy Spirit it is not only positive but is totally victorious.


Whatever you are going through today my friends, stop and give it completely to Him and then trust Him to show you the way forward.


Lord give my friends who read this strength in their battles and victory in their trials. You are the all encompassing one. Remind us of this wonderful story of David’s victory over the mighty Goliath when it seems like we can’t win. Thank you Jesus.


John Robinson




Please Give Praise to the Lord

Sharon Spence has finished her last treatment.


Paul McBride who has had a Miraculous recovery after 

a serious farm accident.



Please Pray for

Geoff Moore who is head of Familycareincancer.

Geoff is up and about again and continues with the Lords Work.


Arlene Robinson who has just started her third chemo and will have 8 treatments in total. Praise the Lord her symptoms and side effects are few but suffers greatly from fatique.


Please also remember Arlenes husband John who writes our thought for today Messages.

John is confined to bed permanently due to a serious illness, and yet he can still write these beautiful Thoughts For Today.


Greville Neill who continues with his cancer treatment.


Pastor Graeme Adams who also is undergoing cancer treatment.

Praise the Lord Pastor Graeme is back preaching Gods word Each Sunday. Glory to the Saviours name.


Please pray for all the Familycareincancer groups 

as they continue to support and comfort all those going through cancer at this time

and their carers.

Remember all the families going through treatment, and all the medical staff for their dedication to caring.


As we celebrate our 20th year in this caring ministry,

please remember our founders Pastor Roy and June Kerr,

for improvement and complete recovery from their ongoing health issues.


If you would like a request for prayer

Please contact us by phone, email or our facebook page.

Links to all of these are on our website.



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