Weekly Devotional

Devotional: W.G. Mullan

No. 407


On a number of occasions we have heard of ill people growing worse through dehydration.  Medical advice is frequently given to the populace to drink more water. Water is so much of  health diet, hence the constant advice of experts.

On a trip to Israel some years ago, we visited Jericho, where, according to the guides, we were shown water flowing from the well that Elisha had healed, 2 Kings 2:21.  A little sip from it caused one to immediately reject the claim, as it was harshly bitter. 

On another trip, this time to Alaska, guide information spoke of the mile-deep glacier with beautiful, clear water flowing in its little rivulets.  Hand cupping a little, even one’s untaught  sense could still feel the cold purity in the mouth.  It was truly a special delight to drink.

One immediately thinks of Scripture, describing God’s Salvation as pure Water of Life for the thirsting soul of mankind, “Ho, every one who thirsts, come to the Waters,”  Isaiah 55:1.  One of the closing invitations of Revelation, recognises the deep thirsting within the human soul, “And let him who thirsts come.  And whosoever desires let him take the Water of Life freely,” Revelation 22:17.  This portion of John’s Revelation from God obviously found response in many of those hearing the call, especially those who lived in barren and desert areas.  It is an understanding which appreciates the advert from a guide seeking  work, I am the guide who knows where the wells are.”

In our barren world where souls are thirsting for the Water of Life, how will their cries be answered ?  Jesus informs the spiritually thirsty but also challenges His redeemed to be the channels of His Grace, “If anyone thirsts let him come to Me and drink;  He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of Living Water,” John 7:37,38.  This was spoken, --“concerning the Spirit Whom those believing on Him would receive.”

How yielded am I to the Holy Spirit  to channel the regenerating, refreshing Waters of God’s Life to the precious souls of men and women, dying of spiritual thirst  - a spiritual desert within them.

Or – has some bitterness in the well of my life caused my witness to fail. God can restore, that  freshness, not simply by a bowl of salt but by the Gracious Healing   of Calvary’s Redemption.  Others then will take note that I have been with Jesus.


William G. Mullan



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