Weekly Devotional

Devotional: W.G. Mullan

No. 444


When John baptised Jesus, the confirmation of  God was recognised by the Holy Spirit  coming upon Him , “and I have seen and testify that this is the Son of God” John 1:34.  Some of John’s  disciples heard, followed Jesus and became His disciples, John 1:37.  As they  ministered with the Lord and baptised, a dispute arose between some of  the Pharisees  and some of  John’s  followers over baptismal purification.  The usual approach of the Jews was one of provocation and this would have been no exception,  “He – to Whom you have testified – behold He is baptising and all are coming to Him,” John 3:26. 

Instead of John reacting to biased criticism, he responds with heartfelt  spirituality pointing to Heaven’s witness,  “a man can receive nothing unless ir has been given him from Heaven, “ 3:27.  John’s joy abounds in Christ’s honouring, “He must increase but I must decrease,” v.29,30.  John continues to speak in prophetic terms magnifying Jesus in everything.

The lessons in the heaven-sent forerunner are recorded,  that we in lesser, but important situations may learn. How do I respond to provocation and hidden innuendos, calculated to provoke jealousy? Do I learn from the ‘baptist’?

John clearly declares :-  1. His Relationship to Christ, v.28, “I am not the Christ but I have been sent before Him”.  The relationship of forerunner is clearly enunciated. 

Do I know my ‘relationship to Him, united by the embrace of  Grace alone, Heaven’s Redemption making me His?

2. The Reflection of the Christ, v.30,“He must increase but I must decrease.”  Self must increasingly diminish that the Saviour may become more evident through me.

3.  The Revelation Declared  Clearly,“The Father loves the Son and has given all things into His Hands,” v.35.  The Word is declared in revealing the Christ.

With John it is ours to declare Christ alone in Whom Eternal Life is found.

Here is the answer to everything provocative, or even plainly critical – Relationship to Jesus:  Reflection of Jesus in our lives:  Revelation of Jesus in our witness. !!

Thus, Jesus of John, “ He was the burning and shining lamp,” John 5:35.  Am I?


William G. Mullan



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